Battery Recycling Procedures For Business


Corporations can rely on Battery Solutions to provide the highest level of service and expertise in recycling. Whether it is a single recycling job or an ongoing recycling program, our nationwide services have you covered.

SmartRecycle System

Our Fully-Managed Recycling System

The Battery Solutions SmartRecycle System is specifically designed to make
your battery recycling program as easy and hassle-free as possible, while helping your company protect the environment and remain in compliance with environmental laws. Learn More >

iRecycle Kits

Battery Recycling Just Got Easier

The iRecycle Kit from Battery Solutions makes it easy for everyone—from households to corporations—to environmentally and economically recycle spent dry-cell batteries. Learn More >

Bulk Recycling Service - Request a Quote for Bulk Recycling

We Accept LARGE Quantities Of Used Batteries – No Problem

Whether you’re looking to recycle a warehouse full of industrial-size batteries or a mountain of small household-type batteries, Battery Solutions will accept any battery of any quantity in any mixed and matched state. And we’ll do the sorting so you don’t have to. Learn More >

UPS Recycling Service - Request a Quote for UPS De-Installation

With Our Help, Your Work Remains Uninterrupted

Battery Solutions’ Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) battery recycling
services include: de-installation, rigging, removal, logistics, transportation, storage, and recycling—everything you need to make your UPS Battery supply removal project run as smoothly as possible. Learn More >