Federal, state and local municipalities are all using recycling services from Battery Solutions. Our SmartRecycle System is an easy to implement recycling program that makes collection, shipping and recycling convenient while providing the environmental compliance you need.

Municipal Recycling

It’s easy for everyone in your community to help protect the environment. It really is. Especially when local municipalities establish a simple system for battery recycling, then educate residents about their recycling program’s convenient access and ease of use. Learn More >

SmartRecycle System

Our Fully-Managed Recycling System

The Battery Solutions SmartRecycle System is specifically designed to make your battery recycling program as easy and hassle-free as possible, while helping your company protect the environment and remain in compliance with environmental laws. Learn More >

iRecycle Kits

Battery Recycling Just Got Easier

The iRecycle Kit from Battery Solutions makes it easy for everyone—from households to corporations—to environmentally and economically recycle spent dry-cell batteries. Learn More >

Bulk Recycling Service - Request a Quote for Bulk Recycling

We Accept LARGE Quantities Of Used Batteries – No Problem

Whether you’re looking to recycle a warehouse full of industrial-size batteries or a mountain of small household-type batteries, Battery Solutions will accept any battery of any quantity in any mixed and matched state. And we’ll do the sorting so you don’t have to. Learn More >

UPS Recycling Service - Request a Quote for UPS De-Installation

With Our Help, Your Work Remains Uninterrupted

Battery Solutions’ Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) battery recycling services include: de-installation, rigging, removal, logistics, transportation, storage, and recycling—everything you need to make your UPS Battery supply removal project run as smoothly as possible. Learn More >